jay colton photography

                                      My pursuit of photography began at an early age .                                     
Born as I was into a family of photographers and graphic artists.
My father was a photo editor at the Associated Press, pioneering
the portable darkroom and transmission of the image ( the premonition of the internet). 
My mother
was the first Asian, and the first woman Art director in Time Inc. history.
She coincidentally, was one of  the first use a computer
generated image on the cover
 of a major weekly. However, that was
in the heyday of the magazine world, ruled by cut and paste
and analog. My brother Jim was the photo editor at Newsweek and is currently at Sports Illustrated.
 Photography surrounds my life,
informs my being, and hopefully captures my seeing.
 I fell in love 
with the graphic image early. It punctuated my experience of the sixties.
It manifested in my first marriage to late photographer Theo Westenberger.
It blooms in my family like a rose; Even my son's godfather is the great Czech
photographer Josef Koudelka. Most of my friends are photographers.
My best and oldest friend Fernando Castro writes eloquently about photography,
 helps coordinate FotoFest, and is a photographer of note himself.
Through my years at TIME I was lucky enough to experience the world
of journalism, at the turn of the century through the advent of the digital age.
After all that, my love is unabated as I explore the oldest chapters of my life anew.
I hope these galleries entertain and reveal parts of my vision, what I feel is true.
 They are
from my personal perspective, a heritage I have arrived at
through a journey I have undertaken  all my life.

          Art is statement +Art is state ment -Art ist 's state ment * artist ate meant? artist state meant = artist's statement